Terms and Conditions

Terms-of-Use Agreement (“The Agreement”)

    The Portmahomack Dot Net Website (“Portmahomack Site”) is operated by the Owners. Any person gaining access to the Portmahomack Site via the Internet or other means is a “User” of the Portmahomack Site. Any User may access the site subject to the terms of this agreement. The term “you” generally refers to a User.

Reasonable Accuracy, No Warranty
    The Owners of the Portmahomack Site make reasonable efforts to ensure accuracy of the information on the site. The Owners do not warrant the accuracy of any information on the Portmahomack Site. You, the User, are encouraged to check information before making commitments such as travel or activity plans.

No Offers, Rights Reserved
    The Portmahomack Site provides general information about Portmahomack, the Portmahomack area, Easter Ross and the Highlands . The Portmahomack Site does not constitute an offer for sale or an offer of services of any kind. The Owners reserve all rights to change, modify or withdraw any or all facilities, products or services described on the Portmahomack Site, at any time, with no notice.

Links to Other Web Sites
    The Portmahomack Site contains links to other web sites. The Owners of the Portmahomack Site make no claims regarding these other web sites. The Owners are not responsible for the content of these web sites. You are advised to exercise appropriate caution when changing to other web sites.

Privacy of Information
    The Portmahomack Site can send limited contact information to the Owners. The purpose is to help you to receive more information concerning your area of interest. The Owners will retain that information for marketing analysis related to the Portmahomack Site. The information will not be knowingly provided to any third party unless the Owners are required to do so by law.

Copyright Ownership, Rights reserved
    The copyright of all materials, writings, photographs and designs on the Portmahomack Site are owned by the Owners. In certain cases, materials owned by third-parties may be included. The Owners have obtained permission for this use and rights are reserved by the original owner of the material.

Copyright and Other Questions
    If you believe that any material on the site is inappropriate or belongs to another party, please contact the Owners by e-mail at webmaster@portmahomack.net with your concern. If you have any other questions or suggestions, please contact the Owners using the same e-mail address.

Third-Party Material
    The Owners may include third-party material in the Portmahomack Site. The Owners may also include links in the Portmahomack Site that point to third-party material. In each case, the Owners rely on the assurances and due-dilligence of the third-party ensure that the material is lawful.

Interference with the Portmahomack Site
    In using the Portmahomack Site any User agrees not to interfere with the operation of the Site in any way. Interfere includes, but is not limited to, modifying, blocking, SPAMing, disconnecting, redirecting, reverse-engineering, copying, abusing, harassing, or otherwise behaving inappropriately towards the Portmahomack Site, the Portmahomack Site’s service providers, the Portmahomack Site's users, e-mail system or network connections.

Headings and Severability
    The headings in this agreement are included for guidance and do not form part of The Agreement. If any provision of The Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable in law, all other provisions will remain in effect.

Right of Change
    The Owners reserve the right to change the terms of The Agreement without notice at any time.

Applicable Law
    The operation of the Portmahomack Site is governed by laws of the United Kingdom and the the United States of America. Content of the Portmahomack Site is protected by the laws of both countries together with international treaties and conventions. Within the United States of America, the Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington.

Date of Agreement 15 March 2005