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It's all about the Port

Walking the Plank

     The "Port" is a lovely village with a long and varied history. Over the years, tens or more probably hundreds of thousands of people have lived here. Many more have visited and enjoyed the beauty of the village. Others have left to make lives far away on the other side of the world. The Port "community" covers people in the village and people far away with ties to the Port.

     This web site is an experiment to create an on-line community covering all of these people. It may be sucessful, it may fail. Only time will tell. The web site is here for you to use, discuss, swap information, give news and share experience.

     For the first two years, the site will be non-commercial. Any commercial links on the site are not paid-for or sponsored in any way. They are here because commerce is an essential part of village life.

Requesting information

Helicopter Display

     If there is anything going on in the village, it should be here. The only way if will get here is if you let us know about it. Any events, news, services of any kind can be listed somewhere on the site. There are two ways to go about it. If you want it in the news columns, send details by e-mail by clicking on the request-info link below. You can also add a message to the Forum and make an announcement.

     Signing up is easy and it can be a lot of fun chosing your "handle".
The Forum has a few starter topics but this will expand as people develop interests. If you want a new topic just ask - e-mail  request-info .